What is a Change Catalyst?

A Change Catalyst activates deep cultural shifts throughout the whole system using a process that harnesses the strengths and knowledge of all stakeholders in your context.

Catalyze change from the inside out

Unleash your full potential to drive change by becoming a Learner First certified Change Catalyst. Find out how significant and sustainable change can be activated from within your own system by tapping into your school’s hidden strengths.

The Learner First Change Process is a refined, tested and multi-pronged approach to creating personalized learning experiences for all students.

Our methodology brings the very best practices from around the country and the world—including systems like Canada, the Netherlands, and Finland—and adapts them into a process that is designed to flourish in the US context, and to be custom tailored to your district and schools.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Peter Drucker

At our workshop, you will:

  • Become a change agent who can tackle the deep problems in the system, not just parts that are easiest to adjust.
  • Learn tools and strategies for bringing everyone on board and assessing what is working what isn’t and what needs to change.
  • Delve deeply into your own assumptions about teaching and learning and student success.

Seats are limited as this is a small, interactive workshop.

“I’ve had years of professional development facilitation and learned a variety of approaches to lead for change and the Change Catalyst Capacity Building learning stretched my thinking and prepared me to help lead for lasting, meaningful change. The change I feel prepared to lead has the potential to significantly improve the outcomes for students honoring their voice, the voice of their family and simultaneously build systems bridging the classroom efforts to the executive monitoring of progress and performance. Energized to be a change catalyst immersed in learning for all!”
Dawn Christina, Director, Teaching and Learning – Highly Capable Learners, Bellingham School District

“The Change Catalyst Bootcamp was four days of focused learning of system tools and processes that put the Learner First. Taking action on the needs of learners at every level will build capacity, positive engagement, and deeper learning”
Ron Mayberry, Director of Career & College Readiness, Bethel Public Schools

Participants will also receive the Change Catalyst Capacity Building Guide, which outlines all The Learner First’s tools and processes. Read the introduction here!