The Learner First’s Contribution Kit guides teachers and their students to contributive learning. It consists of 10 modules with strategies and activities that can be adapted to help students of any age:

  • Understand themselves,
  • Form meaningful connections,
  • Better access your curriculum, and
  • Use what they’re learning in life-changing ways.

We hope that you’ll join us in #ContributiveLearning!

The What

1. Self-Understanding

Better understand who you are, how you fit into the world, your potential for success, and how you can contribute with these powerful learning activities and tools.

In order to add in the ways that you want to, take time to think about what makes you “you.”

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2. Connection

There are four dimensions of connection: interpersonal, environmental, conceptual, and universal. To more deeply connect with the people you know, your environments, your learning, and all of humanity, check out these learning activities and tools and experience the power of human connection.

When we feel connected, we use our powers for good.

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3. Knowledge

You understand who you are . . . you’re connected with others . . . now, what do you want to know? This module will help you and your students better access the curriculum by linking its learning to the lives of your students.

If a problem’s important to you, you’ll need knowledge to solve it.

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4. Competency

Put your self-understanding, connections, and knowledge to work by developing the competency to use what you learn. This module puts the focus on contributive competencies: character, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

When it comes to your learning, you have to know how to use it.

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The How

5. Cultural Well-Being

What’s the culture of your classroom? If self-understanding, connection, knowledge, and competency aren’t as embedded in your learning as you’d like, this module starts “the how” of contributive learning with tips, tools, insights, and strategies for a contributive culture that puts well-being first.

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6. Teacher Capabilities

There are certain capabilities that are especially important for teachers committed to contributive learning. This module will help you better (1) understand your learners, (2) engage them in learning, (3) measure what matters, (4) lead the change, and (5) make your classroom THE place for your learners.

7. Contributive Inquiry

The inquiry process takes teaching and learning to bold and exciting new depths for your students. This module shows you how it can all come together through assessment, design, implementation, measurement, and change, all firmly centered on contributive learning.

8. Collaborative Moderation

The process of collaborative moderation connects learning design to contributive outcomes. Learn how to monitor and share student learning through a game-changing professional learning experience that demonstrates not only what students learned, but why students learned – and how others can, too.

9. Forming a Change Team

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re ready for a Change Team – a collection of students, teachers, and others who can carry your school to contributive learning. The Change Team process will connect your school community like never before. Use this step-by-step process to get yours off the ground, and continue the learning together from there.

The Why

10. Meaning & Fulfillment

People want more than good grades and high test scores. We all want fulfilling and meaningful lives. That’s “the why” for contributive learning, and the reason it’s so important in schools. Use this module to reflect on your journey so far, to think of next steps to help take your school further, and to make the commitment to contributive learning.

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