Contributive Learning Curriculum

The Contributive Learning Curriculum takes teachers on a unique learning journey designed to bring meaningful, relevant learning to life in the classroom, remotely, or out in the community. The modules provide tools, strategies and activities to help teachers focus on student learning outcomes that help them learn about themselves, form meaningful connections, better access the curriculum, and, through the process of learning, contribute to the world in life-changing ways.

To help embed these outcomes in classes’ experiences together, the modules walk teachers through a variety of powerful, ongoing processes that establish a cultural commitment to learning and well-being.

With the Contributive Learning Curriculum, school communities can fulfill their true purpose by learning, connecting, and succeeding as one.

Consisting of 10 professional learning modules including a range of tools, guiding questions, student learning activities, and instructional strategies, the Contributive Learning Curriculum makes it easier than ever before for teachers to identify what their students really need, teach the curriculum in a purposeful way, and improve students’ outcomes. Included in these modules are assessment rubrics, change plans, and impactful activities.

1. Self-Understanding

Understand who you are, how you fit into the world, and how you can contribute to humanity.

2. Connection

Connect with others, your environments, learning, the world of work, and the world.

3. Knowledge

Develop relevant knowledge of the world and its workings, rooted in the academic curriculum.

4. Competency

Learn commitment, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills that are relevant and applicable to the work force.

5. Cultural Well-being

Develop a culture where learners with diffabilities feel purpose and belonging, and where they learn to contribute to others’ lives and the world in their own unique ways.

6. Teacher Capabilities

Develop the capabilities that help educators connect with and improve the outcomes of every single learner to optimize student outcomes.

7. Contributive Inquiry

Learn to embed the inquiry process in everyday teaching and learning for constant growth and improvement by creating student led passion.

8. Collaborative Moderation

Engage in a collaborative professional learning experience that drives deep discussion and promotes best practices among peers and leadership.

9. Forming a Change Team

Partner with other professionals in school systems, or with students, to become a force for positive change beyond traditional school settings to more innovative and creative world.

10. Meaning and Fulfillment

Reflect on learning, align new competencies, and create roadmap for next steps that will cultivate ongoing development.

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