All our work begins with putting the learner first.

We do things differently at The Learner First, because we genuinely put the learner in the driver seat. We face the hard questions and we don’t walk away when it gets tough. We have proven processes to change your district and school now into a place where children do not have to leave their culture or color of their skin, or their religious beliefs at the gate.

Simply put, The Learner First can deliver a proven approach to dramatically improve outcomes for all children, while ensuring wellbeing and equity are at the heart of teaching and learning for every person

Our methodology includes:

  • A simple but powerful framework that cuts through the “noise” and focuses attention on what really matters.
  • A high-involvement process that leverages the expertise, energy, and commitment of teachers, leaders, specialists, parents, and students.
  • A change team approach that leaves diagnostic and change management capability in the hands of schools.
  • An integrated, no-fuss way to capture and share concrete and credible evidence of change as it emerges.

Our approach is not just another professional learning initiative for your schools 

We guide communities, schools and regions through a systematic process for diagnosing their own needs and priorities, choosing the right set of change levers, and effectively leading the entire change process all the way through to accelerated outcomes for children.

Each school and region is left with the systems, tools, know-how, and guided experience to repeat this process to address successive priorities and embed the change.

What you get by working with us:

  • Honesty and genuine support and feedback
  • Equity in policies procedures and systems
  • Wellbeing for your children, families, teachers and leaders
  • Successful outcomes in what matters
    • Self-understanding
    • Connection
    • Knowledge
    • Competency

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