The Human Return Framework

Our work with school systems and communities globally revealed four deeper learning outcomes that are important for learners both in school and beyond, no matter where they are in the world. The Human Return Framework is a series tools and processes to develop those competencies and capabilities that enable deep learning for all learners.

Deep Learning Outcomes

These outcomes are important and universally valued because they’re the very outcomes that help us make a difference in our communities. When we measure students’ development of these outcomes, we’re measuring human return – the human capacity for contributing back to others’ lives and to the world, fully realized at the intersection of deeper learning outcomes.

Understanding who we are, what we’re capable of, how we impact and fit into others’ lives and the world, and how we can make a difference.

The factual, conceptual, or content-based understanding that contributes to who we are and how we contribute back.

The New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) “6Cs”: character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking.

Connecting with others, one’s environments, one’s learning, and the world in meaningful and fulfilling ways.

Five Key Capabilities

In order to measure and develop the deeper learning outcomes, we support schools and school systems to develop five key capabilities:

  1. Understanding Your System – Developing a deeper, evidence-based understanding of your system, its learners, and the capabilities and conditions that enable valued outcomes.
  2. Engaging Learners, Parents, and Communities as Real Partners – Connecting with students, parents, educators, and communities (learning partners) around who learners are and how they can contribute back.
  3. Identifying and Measuring What’s Important – Setting up a system of measurement embedded in learning-partner engagement and reliable, evidence-based practice.
  4. Leading for Deep and Sustainable Change – Achieving real and sustainable outcomes with a continuous focus on learners and their needs and commitment to collective leadership and change.
  5. Creating a Culture of Learning, Belonging, and High Expectations for All – Fostering an environment in which everyone is learning and in which every learner is genuinely known, celebrated, and expected to succeed.

A Comprehensive System of Tools

The Learner First’s comprehensive system of tools covers everything educators and school districts need to make deeper learning a reality for students.

Learning Progressions

All our work with schools and school districts is directed at the development of students’ deeper learning outcomes: self-understanding, knowledge, competency, and connection. These are the outcomes everyone needs to develop in order to contribute to others’ lives and to the world in meaningful and fulfilling ways. Our Learning Progressions make it possible to measure deeper learning outcomes, so that schools can bring them to life with purpose and intention. Click the button below to view and download our Connection Progression.

Capability Rubrics

There are certain capabilities that help schools improve every student’s outcomes. Successful schools (1) understand their school or school system’s students and what those students need, (2) engage students, parents, and communities as real partners in learning, (3) measure what matters, (4) lead for deep and sustainable change, and (5) create a culture of learning, belonging, and high expectations for every learner. Our Capability Rubrics measure and help educators develop each of these capabilities. Click the button below to view and download the Creating a Culture of Learning, Belonging, and High Expectations for All Capability Rubric.

Additional Tools

In addition to Learning Progressions and Capability Rubrics, The Learner First’s framework includes a number of additional tools to help Change Teams bring deeper learning to life from every level of a school system. And if you’re interested in designing measures and other tools specific to your school or district, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let us know how you can work with us to start implementing deeper learning in your school or district, or start by reading Measuring Human Return for a closer look at our tools and how they work together for students.

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