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A leading voice in the global education community, Joanne McEachen brings years of experience working with and within all levels of the school system to offer insights and strategies that change outcomes for students. Joanne focuses on how schools’ commitment to deeper learning outcomes (self-understanding, knowledge, competency, and connection) helps students find lifelong success through contributions to humanity. Joanne is an expert on deeper learning measurement, assessment, and whole-system change, and her words are illuminated by continued, hands-on experience partnering with diverse groups of schools around the world.

Joanne will work with you on a presentation that best meets your unique interests and needs. A sampling of possible speaking formats and topics are included below.


  • Keynote presentations
  • Interactive workshops
  • Hands-on trainings
  • Lectures

Sample Topics

  • Deeper Learning Outcomes: A Commitment to Contribution
  • Measuring Human Return: How to Measure What Matters for Learners
  • Authentic Mixed-Method Assessment (AMMA) for Deeper Learning
  • Wellbeing First: Lessons on Teaching, Learning, and Happiness
  • The Change Team Experience: Building Communities That Partner with Purpose
  • The Role of the Student in a Deeper Learning Environment
  • Models for Teaching Self-Understanding and Connection
  • The Five Capabilities: Organizational Outcomes That Put Learners First
  • Why Do We Learn? School, Success, and the Purpose of Education
  • Pedagogical Practices That Promote Deeper Learning
  • Shattering Assumptions

Watch a Presentation

Joanne McEachen keynotes at the New Zealand Principals Federation Conference 2018

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