Putting the learner first means focusing all activity within our schools and districts the development of deeper learning outcomes. By measuring these outcomes and what enables their development, we support learners to contribute to others’ lives and their communities in meaningful and fulfilling ways – we support them to succeed now and in their futures.

Meet Joanne McEachen

Joanne is originally from New Zealand and is now based in the USA. She is President and CEO of The Learner First and co-founder of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning global partnership. Joanne is currently on the Karanga executive team – a global group based out of the Salzburg Global Seminar that is engaging countries in SEL and Wellbeing.

Joanne has been a teacher, principal, and education system leader, and she understands the complexity of teaching and leading in a school system.

Listen Now: Measuring What We Value

In this Educhange Podcast Joanne McEachen unpacks how we can better measure the components of learning we truly value, rather than the learning that is easiest to measure.

Measuring Human Return

Measuring Human Return

Measuring Human Return explores how to put learners first by measuring and developing the outcomes that matter.

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New Book Release

Learn about, improve, and expand your world of learning. This hands-on companion to the runaway best-seller, Deep LearningEngage the World Change the World, provides an essential roadmap for building capacity in teachers, schools, districts, and systems to design deep learning, measure progress, and assess conditions needed to activate and sustain innovation.

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New Pedagogies for Deep Learning | Global Deep Learning Lab 2019

The Learner First’s partnership with New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, means we are inviting you to join the global partnership at the NPDL Deep Learning Lab on November 11-12, 2019 in Toronto, Canada.

Check out the brochure or register now.


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