Joanne McEachen (Ngāi Tahu)
Founder & CEO

In Times of Crisis…

“Our world is experiencing seismic shifts. Our students need us to change what we do.”

Now is the time for contributive learning. Check out the Contribution Kit to learn more, and download the free modules below.

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Driving in the Dark

By Mary Coverdale, Director of The Learner First, Australia. When you drive at night your vision is limited by the scope and quality of the car headlights. You can see an arc in front of you that guides you along the road. At the edges of the…

The Depthvale Detectives and the Great Education Crisis

Click here to be notified when the book is available. Education is in crisis, but there is a way out. Schools can commit to contributive learning, so that all students learn how to add to the world. The Depthvale Detectives and the Great Education…

Measuring Human Return Audio Companion Guide

Mary Coverdale, Executive Director of The Learner First, Australia, has written and recorded an Audio Companion Guide to Measuring Human Return: Understand and Assess What Really Matters for Deeper Learning (Joanne McEachen and Matthew Kane,…

Measuring Human Return

Bringing contributive learning to life.

Measuring Human Return is your one-stop-shop for everything contributive learning. With diverse vignettes, a comprehensive set of tools, and proven strategies for bringing contributive learning to life, Human Return will lead you, your students, and your school to well-being.

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