Our Vision

At The Learner First, we believe that every child deserves Hope, the Capacity to succeed, an energizing Purpose and a sense of Place in our world. We transform schools and systems from standardized to personalized to deep by putting the Learner First.

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The Learner First

The Learner First is not a program or cookie-cutter solution. Our framework does not simply put a bandage on one or two parts of your district. We are committed to improving the health and effectiveness of the whole school system by putting the learner first.

No two districts are the same, and solutions need to be informed by all the stakeholders within the system. We empower teachers, community leaders, families, administrators and learners themselves to have a voice in their schools and districts. At the same time, we implement a proven student assessment system that finally allows teachers to deliver meaningful, personalized learning to every student.

When we came to the change team meeting I said, ‘I’ll be part of the change as long as I get to keep doing what I’m doing. And I am a pusher, I push the information you receive it. You don’t tell me, I’m telling you! You’re the student, I’m the teacher.’

Well that really wasn’t working. So I became a receiver. Now it’s push and pull, it’s give and take.

A teacher who worked with The Learner First

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The Learner First: An Introduction

For districts and schools struggling with teacher retention, low test scores and decreasing funding, The Learner First shifts the tide with tools and processes that empower teachers to design innovative learning experiences that connect with and engage every learner.

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Case Studies: We’ve seen it work!

The Learner First has dramatically shifted outcomes for students by supporting schools to become places for inventors, creators, academics, leaders and lifelong learners. The following case studies show the outcomes of our work with pre-school and K-12 districts and schools to bring about whole-system change.

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Our Vision: A Healthy System

The Learner First has a clear vision of what public education could and should look like in the United States. We know that public education works, that schools are full of talented teachers, and that all students can learn and find their place in the world.

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