Human Return Framework Learning Programs

Human Return is the human capacity to contribute to the lives of others and to the world, fully realized at the intersection of deeper learning outcomes – self-understanding, knowledge, competency, and connection.

The Learner First Offers a series of customizable capacity building sessions to bring this to realization in your district. Any of the following sessions can be formatted into single or multiple-day workshops based on depth of content and can be mixed and matched to really target your needs.


School Conditions for Deeper Learning

Unpacking the Five Capabilities

There are Five Capabilities that enable deeper learning: (1) Understanding Your System, (2) Engaging Learners, Parents, and Communities as Real Partners, (3) Identifying and Measuring What’s Important, (4) Leading for Deep and Sustainable Change, and (5) Creating a Culture of Learning, Belonging, and High Expectations for All. Using The Learner First’s Capability Rubrics and Learning Development Rubric, learn what it takes to develop and measure each capability.

Learner Outcomes

Diving into the deeper learning outcomes

Self-understanding, knowledge, competency, and connection are immensely important and universally valued. They’re the outcomes that help us contribute to other people’s lives and to the world, and that’s what gives us meaning and fulfillment. Develop a deeper understanding of these outcomes, how to measure them, and how to help every learner achieve them.

Architects of Learning

Tools and processes for deeper learning design

The Learner First’s Authentic Inquiry Guides support teachers and other professionals through each stage of the inquiry process (assess, design, implement, measure, and reflect and change). Using these tools, alongside a Learning Experience Rubric that measures the effectiveness of implemented assessments, helps teachers design powerful learning experiences in partnership with their students and others.


Wellbeing First

Helping teachers and leaders discover how to put wellbeing first.

What good is it if students are achieving high grades in school but don’t feel connection, belonging, or meaning in their lives? Why should teachers have to deprioritize personal connections with students, and their own sense of purpose and wellbeing, just to get through the curriculum? With the help of The Learner First tools and processes, learn how to put your own and your students’ wellbeing at the forefront of education.

Measurement and Assessment

A deep dive into deeper learning measurement and authentic mixed-method assessment

Authentic mixed-method assessment (AMMA) is the process of gathering the full range of evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, that’s needed to determine levels of success. Learn how to measure what actually matters for your learners with the help of a wide range of The Learner First tools.

The Exemplar Moderation Process

Setting up and facilitating Exemplar Moderation in schools or across clusters of schools.

Exemplar Moderation is a professional learning experience designed to connect educators around describing, sharing, and discussing both student learning and professional practice, along with the design and implementation of deeper learning experiences. The process is driven by “learning exemplars” – a website, PowerPoint presentation, or other means of description designed by teachers to capture student learning. Engaging in the process in your own school or school system will take student and professional learning to new heights.


Developing World-Changing Leaders

Organizing and managing change teams in schools or across clusters of schools

A Change Team is a connected community of learning partners at school, district/regional, and/or school-system levels designed to most effectively share and spread learning and best practices, communicate challenges and respond to identified needs, and lead the deeper learning change process in your unique environment. Work with The Learner First to set up and facilitate your change team process within your school or wider school system.

Leadership Coaching

One on one or team coaching to bring change to your system

Human Return is the human capacity to contribute to the lives of others and to the world, fully realized at the intersection of deeper learning outcomes – self-understanding, knowledge, competency, and connection. Dive into The Learner First’s framework, as a leader, for making these outcomes a reality for every learner, and see how they all come together in schools and school systems to bring purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. Discover what is your human return?

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