Wellbeing First Workshop

It’s Time to Emphasize What Actually Matters – Life, Learning, and Wellbeing.

Simply put, wellbeing is overlooked in our school systems. What good is it if students are achieving high grades in school but don’t feel connection, belonging, or meaning in their lives? Why should teachers have to deprioritize personal connections with students, and their own sense of purpose and wellbeing, just to get through the curriculum?

At THIS workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Let who you are, how you fit into the world, and how you contribute to humanity shine through in your teaching and learning
  • Put your own and your students’ wellbeing at the forefront of education as opposed to the periphery
  • Use globally recognized tools for designing, developing and assessing wellbeing.

Participants will leave this workshop with a powerful sense of wellbeing and its importance in schools, and with tools that can be used the very next day to align academic learning with lifelong success.

Length: One full day of in-person facilitation
Where: On-site in your school or district
Who: Teachers and school leaders


Teaching Happiness: Connection

In this video, Joanne McEachen and former school Principal, and Global Education Leader at Microsoft, Mark Sparvell discuss how deep relationships are essential to well-being and how educators play an important role in supporting students to develop the skills needed to develop and maintain relationships.

Questions or Inquiries? We would love to discuss how a Wellbeing First Workshop could support your team.